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Introducing Honduras

Honduras offers exhilaration and relaxation in equal measure. You’ll find untouched jungle and steep canyons, white-water rafting and cascading waterfalls, or – if you’re seeking peace and quiet – there’s fine dining, spa treatments, bird watching and stargazing. To the north you’ll find the Bay Islands, home to world-class diving. While to the west are the famous Copan ruins – one of the finest of the area’s Mayan sites.

Key Information

The jungle of Honduras is home to over 400 bird species, 40 types of butterfly as well as monkeys, jaguars and coatis. If you forget your binoculars, you can always borrow a pair.


Practical Information

Capital city

Lempira in L1, L2, L5, L0, L20, L50, L100 and L500 notes).

Authentic bites include chicken with rice and corn, fried fish with picked onions and jalapeños, and tortillas.

Tipping etiquette
A service charge is often added to your bill. If not, 10-15% is the norm.

Saying hello
In Spanish speaking Honduras use “hola”, “buenas dias” (good day) or “buenas tardes” (good afternoon). If in doubt, just use “buenas”.

When To Go

Honduras is a tropical destination with warm weather throughout the year. But, like most of its neighbours, it has a rainy and a dry season. On the mainland the rainy season runs from May until November. At this time there can be heavy downpours, but the country is generally quieter and the forests are at their greenest. During the dry season it’s easier to get around and the conditions are at their best for outdoor activities and scuba diving.