Introducing Karlovy Vary

Situated on a confluence of rivers, Karlovy Vary grew around its famous hot springs and became the height of fashion for spa-seeking tourists in the 19th Century. Today there is much to enjoy in this picturesque town, from riverside cafes and glorious architecture to the latest indulgent spa treatments.

Things to do

From your small luxury hotel, explore this ancient spa retreat that has been revered for its waters for many centuries. Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, had such belief in the hot springs’ healing powers that the city was named after him in 1370. Walk amongst the 15 springs housed around the colonnades and soak up the essence of 19th-century elegance.

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to legendary landmarks. An impressive example is the Hot Spring Colonnade, which is home to the town’s most impressive geyser. The water blasts some 15 metres into the air here and people gather to inhale its vapour or sample a cup.

With Karlovy Vary as your base there are plenty of fascinating places to discover. Just 3km from the town is the Svatosske Rocks granite canyon with its dramatic rock pinnacles and pillars. This romantic and mysterious valley is only accessible on foot or by bike or canoe, and the surrounding woods are full of clearly-marked paths.

Top Tip from SLH

Walk in the footsteps of James Bond – key scenes from Casino Royale were filmed in the area.