Introducing Skoura

Red, sun-drenched Kasbahs. Green palms under deep blue skies. A crown of snow-capped peaks in the distance. Skoura is a natural painter’s palette, dripping with colour. Luxury breaks here mean stepping from your boutique hotel into an oasis  where the sands of time stand still. 

Things to do

Before neighbouring Ouarzazate became the trading hub, Skoura was where spice road caravans would set up camp after months crossing the Sahara. Dadès Valley – known as the ‘Road of a Thousand Kasbahs’ – is an atmospheric reminder of the wealth they brought. Explore its romantic ruins and the magnificent Amerhidl Kasbah. Circled by palm groves, it looks especially dramatic in the late-afternoon light.

Every week, desert traders throng into Skoura to sell their wares. From shoemakers and potters to stalls groaning with herbs, spices and local produce, it’s a sight little changed in hundreds of years. To delve even further into Skoura’s history, visit the fascinating pre-Islamic shrine, Sidi M’Barek.

Carry on up the Dadès Valley from Skoura and you’ll reach the sheer cliffs and winding roads of the Dadès Gorge. This spectacular landscape is rich in authentic Berber culture – you may even spot traditional cave dwellings. Keep the camera to hand, as surreal rock formations give way to tumbledown villages, tucked away in lush oases.

Top Tip from SLH

Two rivers make Skoura a green jewel in the desert. Take a guided tour to uncover its secrets by camel.