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We've been handpicking the best small luxury hotels for decades, so it was only a matter of time before we introduced the Finest Collection.
According to us, our trusted panel of experts, top-tier guests and highly trained team of mystery inspectors, Finest Collection hotels are elevated, exclusive escapes offering extraordinary experiences. Whether gliding down the slopes of glitzy Gstaad to your chic chalet or savouring a moonlit dinner in an impressive 19th-century fortress, these are destination hotels to write home about.
The allure of the Finest Collection extends beyond each hotel's doorstep – they stand tall in the world's most sought-after destinations, from Santorini's caldera-facing cliffs to Virginia’s rich tapestry of rolling hills, deep valleys and forested dales. In fact, these perfectly placed properties are destinations in themselves, which you'll want to plan your entire trip around.
These are the names you expect to see on editorial hot lists year after year, the industry icons that are quietly luxurious yet known the world over for their characterful hospitality. These are the pin-up properties of the luxury travel world that fellow hoteliers look to for inspiration, the bar-raising, game-changing, ever-evolving hotels that could easily rest on their laurels but choose to keep pushing the boundaries of hospitality greatness.

Hotel Spotlight

Finest Collection

Dar Ahlam, Ouarzazate – Morocco

Masterminded by the man behind the world’s first nomadic hotel, the only rule at this Sahara-skirting Kasbah – which translates as the ‘House of Dreams’ in Arabic – is that you can do whatever you want, or nothing at all.

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Finest Collection

Castello di Reschio, Umbria – Italy

A millennium-old castle with a Roman bathhouse meticulously made over by a creative count with his own on-site design studio, where Andalusian horses dance across rolling hills dotted with ancient farmhouses available to rent.

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Finest Collection

Keemala, Phuket – Thailand

Streams and waterfalls tumble through this gravity-defying collection of canopy-suspended villas and tented treehouses in the tropical Thai forest, which runs a holistic wellness programme from meditation to Muay Thai.

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Finest Collection

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Finest Collection showcases extraordinary properties that make up our iconic group of truly independent hotels.

If you are a hotelier or you know of a hotel that keeps exceeding expectations year on year, then put them forward to our Finest Collection panel.