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Sidi Bou Said

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Arabic culture meets Greek aesthetic and French chic on Tunisia’s northern coast 

With its white and blue houses and Bay of Tunis views, Sidi Bou Said is one of Tunisia’s best-kept secrets. A popular spot for artists, it has all the makings of a picturesque holiday getaway. But look beyond its sandy beaches and crystal-clear ocean, and this little corner of north Africa offers a unique glimpse into the cultural heart and history of the Mediterranean.

Things To Do

Stroll down Sidi Bou Said’s narrow streets, soaking up the bohemian atmosphere. Take in the sight of its beautifully-manicured houses, and be sure to browse in the artisanal craft shops and art galleries which line the lanes. The azure waters of the Mediterranean are never far away if you fancy making your way down to the beach for a swim. Or simply do as the locals do, and watch the world go by from a pretty outdoor café. 

Equal parts simple and delicious, the food and drink in Sidi Bou Said is an inspiring fusion of Arabic, French and Mediterranean. Swap coffee for refreshing mint tea and pine nuts. Lunch on Tunisia’s own version of salade niçoise, which adds smoky harissa for extra flavour. Street food such as bambaloni (doughnuts) are perfect for snacking – while the modern part of Sidi Bou Said is the place to go for Tunisian classics like tagine.

Named after a 13th-century holy man who was said to offer protection from seafaring attacks, Sidi Bou Said has a rich history. But it’s also only a day trip from other fantastic historic sites, including the atmospheric ruins of Carthage, a city destroyed by the Romans in 149 BC. And you can’t miss the National Bardo Museum, filled with beautifully curated mosaic collections and exhibitions from the Roman and Byzantine eras.


Top Tip from SLH

See mesmerising Arabic architecture and art up close at Dar Ennejma Ezzhara, a hilltop palace overlooking Sidi Bou Said.