Introducing Cuba

Pastel-hued buildings and eye-catching classic cars. White sands and turquoise Caribbean waters. Mountains coated in deep green forest. Arriving in Cuba is like stepping into technicolour. Many sights are much as they were decades ago – with Havana’s old town in particular a photographer’s dream. Yet this one-of-a-kind island is now starting to open up – and catch up – with today. Experience it for yourself with a boutique retreat that will play in your head like the catchiest salsa rhythm.

When To Go

Capital city

Visitors use the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC$), in note denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 50, 100.

Caribbean staples such as rice and beans mix with Spanish and south American influences to form food bursting with colour and flavour. From classic snacks such as Cubano sandwiches and empanadas to citrus chicken dishes and sweet plantains.

Tipping etiquette
 Tipping is expected throughout Cuba. Tip at least 10-15% of your restaurant bill, and tip hotel maids a small daily amount, rather than just at the end of your trip.

Saying hello

Simply saying ‘hola’ (hello) is perfectly acceptable. If you’d like to offer a more polite greeting, say ‘buenos dias’.       

Top Tip from SLH

Baseball is a national passion in Cuba. Go to one of the bigger games outside Havana to really get a feel for local life.