Introducing The Costalegre

Welcome to the “Coast of Joy”. To travel through the Costalegre is to escape to somewhere that feels unspoilt – your own private hideaway. This is a vast stretch of undeveloped coastline that’s just waiting to be explored. You’ll find glorious bay after glorious bay, as well as ecotourism and golf to enjoy here. 

Things to do

Islands like Pajarera are a nature lover’s paradise, with skies full of exotic birds. A trip inland will take you to virgin rainforest, where you can explore a teeming wilderness.

In the north of the region you might come across the Huichol people, an indigenous population who live in the mountains. They sell cloth and traditional toys that make excellent souvenirs and gifts for loved ones back home. 

The long stretch of coastline at Costa Careyes is popular with jet setters and celebrities staying at luxury hotels. Polo is a thriving sport, and there is stabling for over 150 horses. The Polo World Federation has been known to hold play-offs here too. 

Top Tip from SLH

The Costalegre is the centre of Mexico’s tequila industry, but don’t miss the chance to try other drinks. Street vendors sell Tejuino, which is made from fermented corn, and Tepache, made from pineapple.