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Introducing Alagoas

It might be small in size, but the state of Alagoas in North-East Brazil packs in all the right ingredients for a restful, ‘leave-the-crowds-behind’ escape. Its main coastal town of Barra de São Miguel is renowned for its white-gold stretch of beach, coral reefs and calm, azure-green ocean. But if you can peel yourself off the sun lounger, a lush landscape of endless coconut palms, unspoilt rainforest, mangroves and sleepy little fishing villages are waiting to be explored. 

Things to do

From canoeing and kayaking to diving and snorkelling, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the invitingly warm waters of Alagoas. For a more land-based adventure, head south to Praia do Gunga and you can take off across the sand on a beach buggy or quad bike into the canyon-like landscape of ochre coloured cliffs. Or join a trail that will take you across the boardwalks, deep into the wild jungle. 

The Alagoas coastline is where the rough literally meets the smooth. The beautiful expanse of beach along Barra de São Miguel owes its calm, blue waters to the surrounding two kilometres of coral reef. Families will love snorkelling and paddling in the natural pools that form at low tide. These are so shallow, it’s simply a matter of gazing down at the tropical fish swimming over rippled sand. While five minutes away in Barramar, surfers can’t get enough of the strong waves crashing onto almost deserted white sands.

Seafood in all its forms is always the dish of the day in Alagoas. Tuck into the sumptuous stew, sururu, traditionally made from locally caught mussels cooked in coconut milk. And if you’re not feasting on just-caught lobsters, shrimps, crabs and grilled swordfish, beachside restaurants will tempt you in with the irresistible aroma of Churrascarias – grilled meat skewers, slow-roasted over barbecue coals.


Top Tip from SLH

If oysters are your food heaven, Vila Palateia’s ‘oyster paradise’ serves the freshest, plumpest specimens, drizzled with olive oil and honey.