1 HOTEL IN Dunhuang


A cultural oasis on China’s ancient Silk Road

With its unique setting on the Silk Road, Dunhuang quickly flourished into one of the most diverse places in Ancient China. Today, it’s still a fascinating place. Explore spectacular cave temples and historic forts, or take in the magnificent sweep of the Gobi Desert on adventurous days out.


Things To Do

Historically, Dunhuang marked the meeting point of the two branches of the Silk Road. For traders travelling across the continent, this town was a green haven amongst a scorched expanse of desert. Visit Dunhuang Museum to learn more about one of the world’s most famous trade routes— or walk in ancient footsteps on a Silk Road tour.

You can’t visit Dunhuang without seeing its celebrated collection of cave temples (or Mogao Grottoes), a protected relic of the Tang dynasty. It’s  also worth making time for the Sun Pass, a gate which once marked the boundary of the Chinese empire. If all this sightseeing makes you thirsty, do as the locals do and sip refreshing apricot peel water – a regional delicacy.

Despite its arid climate, Dunhuang boasts some truly amazing landscapes. Hike to the top of the mighty Singing Sands Dune and drink in the sight of the Crescent Moon Lake below. See the magnificent Gobi Desert from atop a camel, or opt for a spot of dune surfing if you’re in adrenalin-pumping mood. The eerie rock formations in Yadan National Park are also worth a day trip.  

Top Tip from SLH

Visit the lively Shazhou Night Market for a taste of traditional Dunhuang street food.