1 HOTEL IN Weishan


Discover a cradle of traditional Chinese culture without the crowds in the peaceful streets of Weishan

Sacred mountains, lantern-lit alleyways, age-old arts and unique culinary treats; Weishan, in Yunnan province, is rich in China’s culture both old and new. Here, you can see relics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties all over town, while on market days its streets come alive, and thrum with contemporary and colourful life.

Things to Do

An easy daytrip from Weishan is mystical Weibao mountain, a sacred Taoist site, its slopes covered with pine and cypress forests. Temples and shrines dot the route to the summit, including Wenyong Temple with its famous Dragon Pond and 8th century mural. In Weishan itself, tiled-roof shops sell keepsakes of the ancient arts still practised in the region, from tie-dyed clothing to woodblock prints. If you’re in town on a market day, look out for local Yi, Bai and Hui people making the trip in from rural areas dressed in traditional clothing with eye-catching headgear.

As Guinness World Record holders – for the world’s longest noodle – Weishan locals take their food very seriously. Delicacies hailing from here and known across Yunnan province, and even wider China, include ‘one noodle’, green bean cake, candied fruit and rice cake. If your dialect is a little rusty – or you can’t read the menu – it’s no problem. Simply point to what you fancy and you’ll be served platter upon platter of taste sensations…with a smile on the side.

Weishan’s four city gates create a square seal for the old town, and house a multitude of not-to-be-missed landmarks. Hailing from the Ming Dynasty, Xinggong tower – also known as the Star Arch – is straight out of a movie set, especially at night, with its illuminated roof curving up towards the stars. For a panoramic view over the ancient city climb Gongchen Tower. Or simply wander among the carved wooden doorways and whitewashed walls of the town’s well-preserved streets for an authentic snapshot of simpler times. 

Top Tip from SLH

Wenyong Temple’s centuries-old mural depicts the Torch Festival that is still celebrated in Weishan each July, and involves bonfires, folk dancing and bags of explosive resin.