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Introducing Borobudur

Step back in time at Borobudur, an ancient wonder that has captivated travellers for thousands of years. Set out from your boutique hotel to discover the temple – a mystical monument and staggering sight. Venture out to the Dieng Plateau, peppered with hilltop Hindu temples and wrapped up in folklore. Or visit the tiny villages dotted around the mountains and valleys where traditional handicrafts like batik are kept alive. Whatever you do, watching the sun set over the Menoreh Mountains is a blissful way to round off the day.

Things to do

The world’s most famous Buddhist monument, the Borobudur Temple has stood at the heart of Central Java for over a thousand years. Book a private tour to learn the history behind this UNESCO World Heritage site as you climb the tiers. And marvel at centuries-old carvings that tell the story of enlightenment as you climb the tiers. When you reach the top you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views across the lush landscape.

Dance and drama is a big part of Central Java’s cultural heritage, and the villages around Borobudur keep these traditions alive. Seek out Javanese Ballet and watch spellbinding performers wearing batik and dancing to gamelan music. Or look out for wayang – storytelling through shadow puppetry – to see ancient tales and epic poems unfold.

Borobudur is set in an enchanting landscape, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. Spend a day exploring the Dieng Plateau, an ancient caldera that’s home to sacred Hindu sites. Or blend a country escape with a city break and travel to Yogyakarta. Here you can shop for batik or silverware at the markets, learn more about the region’s rich culture in the museums or take in a traditional gamelan concert.

Top Tip from SLH

Rise early and make your way to Borobudur Temple at dawn. Watching the sun rise up behind the monument is an unforgettable sight.