Introducing Nagoya

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Gifu and Shizuoka prefectures, Nagoya is Japan’s fourth-largest city. It’s also the ancient ancestral home of Japan’s ‘three heroes’, and where Toyota was born. But Nagoya is much more than just an industrial city. Explore small bustling shopping streets or visit luxury department stores. Then enjoy the variety of lively bars and restaurants that light up Nagoya’s nights.


Things to do

Throughout Nagoya, you’ll find echoes of its past as the heartland for the Tokugawa dynasty. Admire the country’s collection of Edo art at the Tokugawa Art Museum before visiting Nagoya Castle to glimpse how the Japanese feudal lords and samurai lived. Follow in the footsteps of emperors at the prestigious Atsuta Shrine. Elsewhere, the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology explores the region’s contemporary side.

Nagoya’s location means you don’t have to travel far to experience awe-inspiring natural beauty. Head to the picturesque Japanese Alps for hiking and panoramic mountain views. Or stay in the city and visit the Shirotori Garden, full of flora and fauna all year round.

Nagoya is known for its special Hatcho miso. Sample the deep flavours with a hearty bowl of misonikomi or enjoy the tender meat of doteni.  As you explore the city, snack on tebasaki, a local favourite. Or, if you’re feeling really hungry, dine on hitsumasbushi, a four-part dish made from Nagoya’s fresh-water eels. 


Top Tip from SLH

Head to Arimatsu to experience a place preserved by history. Admire the traditional handmade kimono and wander past beautiful wooden houses.