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A futuristic capital with a dramatic skyline, glittering shopping malls and a unique past

Rising from the vast Asian steppe like a mirage, Nur-Sultan is literally a city on the up. The skyline of Kazakhstan’s capital city pops with big, bold and brightly lit architecture – you need only raise your eyes to the sky to appreciate it. Beyond the brilliant buildings, museums, mosques and spectacular shopping malls all offer a fascinating glimpse into the culture and soul of one of Asia’s newest – and most unique – capitals.

Things To Do

Nur-Sultan is a city of contradictions. Marvel at the magnificence of the Nus-Astana mosque, with its shimmering gold-topped minarets, and then suspend your disbelief in Khan Shatyr, a transparent megalith shopping mall complete with a boating river, minigolf, cobbled streets and an indoor beach resort. For more local flavour, grab a massage at a traditional bathhouse, and explore the labyrinthine Artem bazaar for souvenirs.

Nur-Sultan’s restaurant scene is ever-expanding. Alongside upscale international offerings in hotels and shopping malls you can find intimate restaurants serving traditional shashlik, a dish of grilled vegetables and meat, and plov, a comforting rice based favourite. Bustling and colourful food bazaars are a great way to rub shoulders with locals and get a feel for real Kazakh produce. 

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a must-visit to get a rounded view of the country’s past, from its ancient nomadic culture to its Soviet era controversies. At the Museum of the First President of Nur-Sultan you can learn about the infamous leader who renamed the city after himself in 2019. And you can’t miss Bayterek tower. It dominates the skyline with its 97-metre-high observation deck that’s meant to embody a traditional Kazakh folk tale, while offering sweeping city views.


Top Tip from SLH

Escape the city on an easy day trip to beautiful Borovoe, for mountain views, lake swimming, and skiing in winter.