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Introducing Malacca

Portuguese, Sikh, Chinese – a myriad of cultures live alongside each other in Malacca. The intoxicating mix is one reason why the food here is so distinctive, and so delicious. You’ll see lots of architectural examples of the region’s successful trading past, and plenty of modern developments with the recent boom years too.

Things to do

Malaysia is home to a dazzling display of wildlife. Just a short journey from your luxury hotel is Melaka Zoo, with over 200 species of animals and birds. Visit at twilight for an exclusive night safari.

Malacca has been a thriving and successful region for centuries, and you can see part of that success in the surviving traditional architecture. Houses on the coastal road are rather grand, with distinctive concrete exterior stairwells and attractive tiling.

Local culture is vibrant. During the Christmas festivities, the Portuguese settlement is lit up with bright decorations and lights. And in Chinese New Year in February, you’ll see red lanterns decorating private homes and communities.

Top Tip from SLH

If you’re looking for seafood, it’s worth making the journey to either Umbai or Pengkalan Balak. Both areas are quiet during the day, so make sure to come in the evening when the atmosphere buzzes.