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Baa Atoll

2 HOTELS IN Baa Atoll


Introducing Baa Atoll

Tiny gems of islands boasting sand so white it almost sparkles. Endless horizons where azure waters merge with pure blue skies. Exclusive escapes where you can leave everyday life behind. Baa Atoll offers everything you could imagine wanting from a luxury retreat in the Maldives. Beneath the holiday highlights, a warm local culture and wealth of vibrant ecosystems is waiting to be discovered. Dive in, and you may never want to return home. 

Things To Do


Baa Atoll is home to a rich diversity of marine life that’s seen it named a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Snorkel straight from the beach to see bright coral and tropical fish in the shallows. Or book a private scuba diving tour to explore the sea caves and cliffs as the reefs stretch into deeper water. If you’re lucky, you may see manta ray and whale sharks, which gather in large numbers to feed on plankton. 


With 75 islands circled by unimaginably white beaches, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to paradise retreats. Many exclusive resorts in Baa Atoll are set on their own private islands, famed for their icing sugar sands fringed by palm trees. For your own luxury castaway experience, take a boat tour to an uninhabited island for the day. Just bear in mind that some are protected habitats for rare birds and nesting sea turtles.


The larger islands of Baa Atoll are the place to discover traditional Maldivian ways of life, including time-honoured crafts. Eydafushi, the capital of the atoll, is renowned for fine cotton feyli, or sarongs, with many still woven by hand. While over to the west of Baa Atoll on Thulhaadoo, craftspeople create detailed lacquer work. Workshops on the island used to supply noble families throughout the Maldives with fine, brightly coloured lacquer ware – and it remains a popular souvenir for visitors.

Top Tip from SLH

Take a trip aboard a traditional Dhoni sailing boat, jumping off to swim in invitingly clear waters along the way.