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Introducing Ulaanbaatar 

For many, Ulaanbaatar is their first experience of Mongolia. It’s a vibrant, fast-paced city – an exhilarating contrast to the sweeping grasslands and blue skies of the Mongolian wilderness.  Here you can discover historic sites and a thriving bar and restaurant scene. Then relax and recharge at your luxury retreat in the Mongolian countryside. 

Things to do

Between the modern developments lie landmarks to Mongolian history. Visit Sukhbaatar Square to see statues to the country’s communist revolutionary, as well as Genghis Khan. Stroll up to tranquil Gandan Khiid – a monastery with one of the largest statues of Buddha in northern Asia. Then take in a performance of traditional Mongolian dance and music, including beautiful fiddle music and haunting throat singing.

Shopping in Ulaanbaatar can range from chic boutiques selling cashmere jumpers to treasure troves of antiques and curios. To test your bargaining skills, take a trip to Naran Tull Market for a day browsing through clothes and bags, nomadic dress, hand crafted leather goods and fabrics, along with traditional crafts and artefacts.

From almost anywhere in Ulaanbaatar, it is possible to see the four holy mountains that ring the city. Mongolia’s astounding natural beauty is always within easy reach – and the main draw for visiting the country. To the east of Ulaanbaatar lies the Gorki Terlej Natural Park. Explore miles of hiking trails or take a tour of this pristine wilderness of rivers, mountains and forests on horseback.

Top Tip from SLH

There’s far more to Mongolian cuisine than the mixed barbecue. Tuck into delicious offerings like traditional mutton ‘buuz’ dumplings.