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Introducing Albay

It would be hard to imagine a more perfectly proportioned volcanic peak than Mayon, which rises over Albay as a symbol of nature’s power. Beneath its slate black slopes glimmering white beaches and a lush green landscape stretch out – tailor-made for a relaxing luxury escape.

Things to do

Mayon Volcano is the undisputed landmark in Albay. Embark on an adventure, either by taking a private helicopter ride over the active crater, or, if conditions allow, trek its awesome slopes. A visit to the atmospheric ruins at Cagsawa will be a fascinating reminder of the forces that were unleashed from the graceful mountain.

The lovely exclusive beach directly beyond your hotel will provide ample opportunity for relaxation and watersports, but there is always more in Albay. Enjoy the vivid contrast between the black laval sands of Sto. Domingo and Sogod and the ivory glow of Tiwi or Joroan.

Away from the dazzling blue tones of the sea, discover Albay’s waterfalls. The seven at Busay Falls make for a memorable excursion from your luxury retreat. Visit the Naglaus Underground River and the extraordinary Nag-aso Boiling Lake, too. This natural wonder is fed by a hot spring and can reach temperatures of 100˚C.

Top Tip from SLH

At Donsol you can swim amongst the huge, gentle whale sharks – it’s a serene and unique experience.