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1 HOTEL IN Tagaytay


Introducing Tagaytay

Perched atop an ancient volcanic ridge sits the city of Tagaytay. Overlooking the majestic Taal Lake, it commands spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Breathe in the fresh air as you explore this compact city. Take a stroll through quiet streets set in verdant surroundings. Or relax poolside at your boutique hotel and savour the finest local produce. 

Things to do

Dense vegetation and vibrant flora give Tagaytay a tropical feel, while its high altitude maintains its temperate climate. Whether strolling along the volcanic ridge or meandering along the lakeside, it’s a cool retreat from city life. 

Tagaytay has become a dining destination, renowned for its superb local restaurants and cafés. Eateries tend to be stocked with a variety of fresh produce. Sample traditional Philippine cuisine, partake in an evening of fine dining or enjoy a relaxed outdoor picnic against a beautiful backdrop.

Tagaytay is considered the gateway to the lakes, and is perfectly placed for escapes into the extraordinary landscape. Take a jeep ride down the ridge and hire a traditional Philippine banca on the lake. Wind your way up Taal Volcano on horseback for a glimpse of its still active crater. For a fresh perspective on the countryside, zip above the trees on Tagaytay Picnic Park’s zip line.  

Top Tip from SLH

Sample the traditional local dish, Bulalo Soup, at one of the many restaurants down the Bulalo Belt. This beef-based delicacy is the taste of the Tagaytay region.