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2 HOTELS IN Nantou


Introducing Nantou

High in the lush mountains of central Taiwan, Nantou County is home to verdant green peaks, undulating tea plantations and thundering waterfalls. Cycle through the countryside, hike in the hills or simply relax at your exclusive retreat with a cup of local Oolong tea. Wherever you are you’ll be able to admire the beautiful mountain views.

Things to do

Wake up in your luxury hotel to see the mountain peaks rising above the last tendrils of fog. Cruise on the calm green waters of Sun Moon Lake as you admire at the islands and mountain peaks around you. Sunglungyen Waterfall tumbles down mossy banks and is at the border of the gorgeous Sun Link Sea forest recreation area. Blossoming flowers year-round make this a perfect place for a tranquil picnic.

With numerous cycle trails, one of the best ways to see the landscapes of Nantou is on two wheels. Cycle the level Toushe Bike Path through the countryside close to Sun Moon Lake. You can also walk one of the many lakeside trails in the cool air of the cloud forest. Rural Mt. Hehuan has the least light pollution in Taiwan, which makes it perfect for seeing the night sky or watching the sunrise after an early hike.

The Taiwanese highlands provide the perfect climate for growing tea, and there are many tea plantations in Nantou – the most famous of which is LuGu tea farm and cultural centre. Up in the cool, refreshing air, surrounded by rolling hills, learn about the varieties produced in Nantou and sip a cup of the regional speciality – Oolong tea. In addition to tea farms, Nantou is bursting with cultural sites and ancient temples.

Top Tip from SLH

Bask in the tranquillity of Xuanzhuang Temple as you gaze out over Sun Moon Lake – it’s often much quieter than Wen Wu Temple.