Introducing The Cook Islands

With so much natural beauty surrounding them, it’s no wonder Cook Islanders are so happy. Each of the fifteen tropical islands promises something different. Snorkel untouched coral reefs around your luxury hotel by day and experience traditional music and dancing at night. Savour wonderfully fresh seafood and local dishes, and browse the markets for local arts and crafts. SLH has two lovely luxury hotels to choose from - perhaps you could stay a few nights at each! Enjoy a romantic getaway at Pacific Resort on the island of Aitutaki or a boutique beach escape at Little Polynesian Resort on Rarotonga.

Practical Information

Capital city

New Zealand dollars (in NZ$5, NZ$10, NZ$20, NZ$50, NZ$100) although there is some Cook Islands currency in circulation.

The Cook Islands enjoy a delicious range of fresh produce including fruit, vegetables and seafood. For a taste of some traditional dishes try Eke (octopus), puaka (suckling pig) and Ika Mata (raw fish marinated with lemon or lime, served with a coconut sauce).

Tipping etiquette
Tipping is not expected on the Cook Islands and locals can occasionally be offended by the practice

Saying hello
Most islanders speak English, however a small number speak Rarotonga. Say “hello” or “kia orana”. 

When To Go

As you’d expect from a tropical escape, the Cook Islands are generally warm and sunny all year round. It’s drier April to November, while there’s a chance of some refreshing rain between December and March – and the tropical showers can be a sight to behold. If you’re coming in April, the Dancer of the Year Contest is a spectacular event. 

Top Tip from SLH

‘Island time’ is an old Polynesian tradition, and means ‘the clock moves slowly’. Service may be slower than you’re used to, but why worry – you’re here to relax.