Introducing Taha’a

Known locally as The Vanilla Island, Taha’a’s charms are as sweet as the pods themselves. Explore the wild beauty of mountains and green jungles, or sink your toes into white sandy beaches. Unwind at your luxury island escape, or strike out to secluded motus – deserted islets – to swim with tropical fish. 

Things to do

With its fragrant vanilla plantations, tangled jungles and paradise beaches, Taha’a’s natural treasures are wonderfully diverse. Stroll through verdant valleys bursting with fruit groves. Or snorkel over the barrier reef or watch colourful fish flash their fins in shallow coral gardens.

The people of Taha’a are proud of their culture, with many historic practices and livelihoods continuing to the present day. Visit one of the island’s many pearl farms, or sail in a native wooden pirogue (canoe). Watch traditional Tahitian dance, or take a lesson yourself. Then savour authentic Pacific Island cuisine, from succulent pork roasted in a fire pit to fresh seafood.

Taha’a’s tranquil lagoons make it a perfect place for getting out on the water. Explore the coast from a kayak or try your hand at sailing. Set out from one of the motus on the island’s outskirts for a spot of snorkelling on the coral reef. Or take a scuba diving tour of subterranean caverns and intriguing shipwrecks. 

Top Tip from SLH

Travel to nearby Raiatea – the legendary birthplace of Polynesia. Seek out hidden temples and sacred landscapes, home to the rare, indigenous Tiare Apetahi flower.