Discover the stunning beaches of the Bahamas

With 700 islands and an array of stunning beaches, the Bahamas are all about the sea. Whether you want to venture from isle to isle via yacht or kayak, dive into deep blue pools, or perhaps even get up close to a shark, you’ll be close to water all your time here. And if you’d like to truly escape, go beyond Nassau to the ‘Out Islands’.

Practical Information

Capital city

The Bahamian dollar (in B$1, B$5, B$10, B$20, B$50 and B$1oo notes)

Typically you’ll find seafood and steaks served with plantain, rice, fries, potatoes or Johnny Cake – pan-cooked bread make with butter and milk.

Tipping etiquette
A 15% tip is usual

Saying hello
Most people will speak English, so say “hello”. You may also hear locals greeting one another in Bahamian Dialect. 

When To Go

If you’re here in the winter months, the thrilling cacophony known as Junkanoo is a street party unlike any other, held on December 26th and January 1st each year. But there’s plenty to see year round in Bahamas. With temperatures consistently at 80°F all year round, the seas are always warm, and the weather always welcoming. 

Top Tip from SLH

Although English is the official language of the Bahamas, locals use their own slang on the outlying islands.