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The Three Pillars of

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Our sustainability pillars are based on the GSTC’s Hotel & Accommodation framework – they are organised around three main themes. Each of the hotels have implemented long-term sustainability management systems that address environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, and human rights.



Proactive, positive members of the local community 

Like the humble honey bee who works hard to keep his hive happy and healthy, Considerate Collection hotels are passionately committed to making their communities a better place for both locals and visitors to enjoy alike.

  • Many of our hotels are locally owned and family-run, who have a deep rooted, personal connection to the people who make a place special. By ensuring equal employment opportunities to local residents, including managerial positions without discrimination of any kind, the hotel invests in its community while giving guests a more authentic experience of its people’s culture, language, and storytelling.

  • As champions of local, fair-trade produce, our hotels buy local wherever possible to support the community’s supply chain – whether it’s serving fresh fruit from the morning market where the hotel chef knows the farmer by name, or providing hand-woven bags made by a local artisan for guests to use by the pool.

  • It is not enough for our hotels to simply give back to the community, they must continuously strive to enrich local lives through social impact initiatives, educational, health, and training programmes, and projects which address the impacts of climate change.


Protectors and preservers of cultural heritage 

To better understand and appreciate the culture and customs of another country is one of travel’s greatest joys. Each Considerate Collection hotel and destination has its own cultural identity which it works tirelessly to protect, preserve and promote for generations to come.

  • Elements of traditional and contemporary local culture are incorporated in the operations, design, decoration, cuisine, or boutiques of our hotels, while respecting the intellectual property rights of local communities.

  • Going beyond the maintenance of local buildings, and the protection of culturally, historically, archaeologically, and spiritually significant sites, our hotels aim to enhance and sensitively improve upon properties of cultural interest through ongoing heritage and restoration projects.

  • Immersing guests in the local culture through an array of authentic activities is integral to our hotel experience, from traditional cooking classes in a rural farmhouse to pottery making in an ancestral ceramics studio.

Maximising benefits to the environment

These trailblazing eco-hotels know that luxury travel shouldn’t cost the earth, which is why their sustainable strategies go well beyond reducing negative impact on their immediate environment by taking regenerative and restorative action.

  • Conserving resources – our hotels make an active effort to increase their use of renewable energy and sustainable sources such as solar, wind, geothermal or biofuels, while assessing, measuring, and minimising energy and water consumption.

  • Reducing pollution – greenhouse gas emissions from all sources controlled by our hotels are identified, calculated where possible, and procedures implemented to avoid or minimise them. Wastewater is effectively treated, and is only reused or released safely with no adverse effects to the local population or the environment, while solid waste is reduced, reused or recycled. Significant steps are taken by Considerate Collection hotels to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Conserving biodiversity, ecosystems, and landscapes – from coral reef regeneration and ocean conservation to wildlife rewilding and tree reforestation, our hotels play an active role in restoring the natural beauty of our planet. Protected natural parks and areas of high biodiversity value are especially looked after, while any interaction with free roaming wildlife is non-invasive and responsibly managed.

The Considerate Sage Leaf

Look out for the Considerate Sage leaf on This indicates that a hotel is part of the collection and embodies each of the three pillars.