Sun, skiing and snowy solace in Andorra’s Escaldes-Engordany

Sky-high mountains set the scene in Escaldes-Engordany, one of Andorra's seven parishes and home to adventure-loving visitors all year round. In the winter months, the region welcomes skiers, snowboarders, and hot chocolate lovers. And in the summer, it’s a paradise for hikers looking to scale rugged mountain trails or stroll through undulating valley paths.

Things to Do

Ski season runs from December to April: head up the mountains of Escaldes-Engordany for some of Andorra’s greatest skiing spots. As well as an excellent apres-ski scene, you can try your hand at dog sledding or learn about the local area on a guided snowmobile tour. During the summer months, go bouldering under the sun at Boulder de Coll Jovell or cycle around the tranquil lakes on the Llac d'Engolasters biking trail.

Escaldes-Engordany makes up for its small geographical footprint with a thriving local culture. Visitors can explore museums showcasing the region's history, alongside local artists’ collections and the modern Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra gallery. Architecture lovers should look out for the ancient churches that sit between the trees or high up the mountainside on the hiking trails. And, after sunset, visit the glowing Sant Pere Màrtir church – lighting up the dark streets surrounding it.

You’ll find various hiking trails, from beginner’s walks winding through the valleys to vertical paths ascending the mountain slopes. Two top trails are the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley and the Circuit de les Fonts – perfect for wildlife lovers. Be sure to check with a local guide before you go hiking in the winter months, as the snowfall can be very heavy. In the summer, if conditions allow, you can take a 4x4 trip to Pic Negre in Andorra la Vella for uninterrupted views over the mountain range.

Top Tip from SLH

For the most picturesque spot in the region visit Les Escaldes observation deck – you’ll be treated to views of mountains as far as the eye can see.