Explore the Elegant Aix-En-Province

The blues and mauves of the sky, the browns and greens of the pine forests – Cezanne’s colours are everywhere you look in ‘Aix’. And, whether you’re browsing a stylish and exclusive fashion boutique, or simply sipping Pastis in the town square, the elegant Mont St. Victoire looms above wherever you are.

Things to do

The Romans came and fell in love with Aix-en-Provence, and it’s easy to see why. The city is such a treasure trove of Roman artefacts that you can’t help stumbling over them as soon as you leave your luxury hotel. Or take a short drive out to gawp at the vast and monumental Roquefavour Aqueduct. 

The locals say that Aix has more fountains than any other city. Wandering the pedestrianised streets in the centre of town you’ll see what they mean. It’s not just the famous Cours Mirabeau – every square and courtyard seems to have its own unique, time-worn water spouts.   

There’s no escaping Mont St. Victoire and its magnificent sheer face. So why not get to really know it and take a hike up the mountain? Bring stout shoes and plenty of water. There’s a monastery at the peak, and visitors are welcome to stay the night. Alternatively you can drive around the lower slopes on the D10.

Top Tip from SLH

For an easy way to get around town, you can use the V’Hello – short-term bicycle hire. It’s free if you use a bike for less than half an hour.