Introducing Rhône-Alpes

This region has so much that it’s celebrated for, it’s hard to know where to begin. Rhônes-Alpes plays host to the mighty Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak, as well as the famed source of Evian water. It’s also where you’ll find a landscape dotted with vineyards. And, of course, powder-soft snow that draws skiers from across the globe.

Things to do

Skiers flock to Rhône-Alpes to experience world-class piste. You’ll have your pick of crystal-white slopes. But if you prefer to be nearer the ground, explore the deep gorges of the Ardèche or hike through alpine forests.

It’s all in the name. Rhône-Alpes was christened after the river that runs through it and the mountains that border the region – perfect country for lovers of the outdoors. A visit here is rarely complete without exploring the hills and verdant valleys of the Ardèche – not to mention the prehistoric caves and ancient standing stones.

There are enough regional delicacies to satisfy any discerning gourmand. Try chestnuts from the Ardèche – fresh or made into a velvety puree. Or the bilberry, which can only be picked using a particular type of comb. Don’t leave without sampling a glass (or three) of Côtes du Rhône wine – you could even plan a wine trail through the vineyards, sipping as you go. 

Top Tip from SLH

The region’s many peaks aren’t just for ski enthusiasts. Visit in summer when the green hills are perfect for hiking and biking.