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Introducing Friedrichsruhe-Zweiflingen

Savour the style and serenity of the classic European Grand Tour in rural Friedrichsruhe-Zweiflingen. Explore enchanting wooded valleys and mysterious ruined castles. Sip wine from local vineyards and discover historic towns. Then return to your luxury hotel for a round of golf, or a relaxing afternoon at the spa.

Things to do

Zweiflingen-Friedrichsruhe is made for getting away from it all. Set off and explore tranquil landscapes of rivers and valleys, woodlands and fragrant vineyards. But not to be missed are the grand castles and historic palaces found throughout the region, once home to the noble Hohenlohe dynasty.

While in Zweiflingen-Friedrichsruhe, take a day to visit Heidelberg, the romantic town that’s inspired poets, painters and even politicians. Stroll through the baroque old town or climb up to the ruined castle for sweeping views across the valley. Take in the lively student quarter or find a tucked-away café and indulge in delicious local breads and pastries.

Zweiflingen-Friedrichsruhe sits in the region of Bäden-Württemberg, famed for some of the best cuisine in Germany. To the east lies the Black Forest, renowned for its game and the rich cherry flavours behind the famous gâteau and kirchwässer cherry brandy. To the west you’ll find vineyards producing many delicious local wines. You can also expect fine dining with menus influenced by nearby France and Switzerland. 

Top Tip from SLH

Southern Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. Even the smallest towns often celebrate the season in this traditional way – perfect for avoiding city crowds.