Introducing Heidelberg

With its baroque architecture and narrow streets, Heidelberg escaped the bombs of World War II and retains its historic charm. Ancient castles and the evocative Black Forest look down on this beautiful town, and Heidelberg Castle is a must-see. 

Things to do

This is wine country, with Riesling and many other varieties produced here. Why not visit a vineyard for a private tasting – farmers sell wine from their farms, and you can try specialties like Apple Wine too. And while you’re here, sample at least one stein of German beer.   

During the summer months the locals stroll over to the meadow just north of the Neckar river to enjoy barbecues and beers. There are plenty of restaurants offering fine dining too, and opportunities to pick up a pretzel as you stroll.

The celebrated poet Goethe lived here, and this is very much a city of learning, with a large university in the old city. With at least eight theatres, there’s plenty of entertainment and activity available throughout the year. 


Top Tip from SLH

There are lots of taxis available, and women can buy ‘Frauentickets’, which cover your fare to anywhere in the city.