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Mykonos Town

2 HOTELS IN Mykonos Town


Introducing Mykonos Town

From your luxury hotel, it’s easy to get wonderfully lost in the jumble of white cubic houses, stylish boutiques and churches of Mykonos Town. The maze of cobbled streets was originally designed to keep 19th century marauding pirates at bay. But today you can sense the colourful, cosmopolitan vibe that’s made this island destination such a magnet for A-list celebrities. 

Things to do

Those looking for authentic Mykonian cuisine will be spoilt for choice. There’s everything from smart, garden restaurants to the chic waterside taverns of Little Venice to choose from. Try the local honey pie, prosciutto and delicacies such as smoked eel and fresh crab. For something unapologetically rich and delicious, tenderloin steak filled with Metsovo cheese should hit the spot.

Maybe you’re keen to dance until dawn in an open-air nightclub featuring international DJs. Or perhaps sipping cool cocktails is more your style. There’s something for everyone in Mykonos Town – the place that seemingly never sleeps. You can even visit many of the shops, cafés, jewellers and restaurants until well after midnight.

You don’t have to go far from your exclusive resort to discover the rich history and culture of this seafaring island. The Aegean Maritime Museum features models of pre-Minoan ships, while the nearby Folklore Museum is filled with fascinating furnishings and old musical instruments. Don’t miss the Archaeological Museum, which includes a marble statue of Hercules. Legend says that, as one of his twelve tasks, he killed giants and threw them into the sea where they turned into the rocks that formed Mykonos.

Top Tip from SLH

One of the easiest ways to explore the more tucked away beaches is to hire a car. They are lovely spots only a few minutes away from Mykonos Town