Introducing Naxos

The west coast of Naxos seems to be one long beach, but it’s not all just sand, sand, sand. Head inland and there are wonderful walks, with valleys and villages to explore, and plenty of history too. The Portara, a 6th-century BC marble gate, is particularly impressive. While the port town capital is a pretty jumble of old, sugar cube buildings.  

Things to do

The Naxos natives value tradition and hold events and fairs throughout the year. Don’t miss the Naxos Festival. It seems to last all summer and celebrates wine and fine dining.  

Small and secluded. Wild and windswept. Naxos offers miles of golden sands, but this island isn’t just for sunbathing. Many beaches have sea breezes that are ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Naxos is one of Greece’s most fertile islands, so expect plenty of local produce to sample. This is a cheese-lover’s paradise, with many varieties made from goat’s or sheep’s milk. And the local liqueur ‘Kitron’ is worth a try too. 

Top Tip from SLH

If you want to truly escape from it all, head to the east coast of the island. The beautiful fishing harbours of Lionas and Moutsouna are tranquil all year round.