Eat, sleep, spa retreat: delicious food, boutique hotels and thermal baths near Hungary’s capital  

A region of contrasts, Tura perfectly encapsulates Hungary’s character. Discover mist-wreathed forests and city sights, wild landscapes and luxurious thermal baths – as well as a varied foodie scene that takes in everything from Maygar classics to contemporary craft beer. 

Things To Do

Abundant in national parks, Tura is a place where you can lace up your hiking boots again and again. Set off on the winding forest trails at Mátrai Landscape Protection Area before stopping at the top for panoramic views – perhaps glimpsing eagles soaring above. Or you could head to Bükki National Park, home to lakes, waterfalls, and a variety of wildlife.

You won’t miss the bright colours, flowers, and swirling patterns of Hungarian folk art, which adorns everything from plates to traditional dress. If you’re in Budapest for the day, take in the stirring sounds of the country’s folk music in a pub or tanchaz (‘dance house’). And when it comes to a long, muscle-soothing soak after a day of sightseeing, dip into the city’s famous thermal baths. Many have strikingly beautiful art nouveau features. 

Tura serves up all the hearty Hungarian favourites: goulash, chicken paprikash, pancakes, stews and filling soups. Wash this all down with one of the country’s celebrated wines, such as the full-bodied Bikavér (‘bull’s blood’) vintage from the Eger region. Craft beer fans will absolutely love Budapest’s ‘ruin’ bars, eccentric hangouts hidden away in the city’s dilapidated buildings. 

Top Tip from SLH

When it’s time for a snack, look out for stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables gathered by local farmers.