Introducing Lake Garda

Formed by glacial erosion and surrounded by rolling hills, Lake Garda is home to some of Italy’s most dramatic and iconic scenery. The warm Mediterranean climate brings the landscape alive with olive groves, citrus trees and palms. The majestic scenery is the backdrop to remarkable history and exclusive holiday retreats, where you can fully immerse yourself in the relaxed Italian lifestyle.

Things to do

Lake Garda is famed for its delicious olive oil. Try it as an accompaniment to the lake’s freshwater fish. You’ll find the region’s citrus fruits in many of the local specialities, including Limoncino liqueur. And while you’re wandering, pick up freshly picked peaches and plums to snack on as you travel.

Lake Garda’s medieval villages, Venetian palaces and castles are architectural delights, giving a glimpse into what life here was like through the centuries. The lake’s villas highlight the wealth and power that have always been associated with the region. Today, Lake Garda still attracts a cosmopolitan and exclusive crowd from across Europe.

The castles that stand proudly upon the hills around the lake each have a story to tell. From medieval princes to poets, Lake Garda has always exerted a pull on those with a romantic leaning. Visit the Roman villa in Sirmione – known as the Grotto di Catullo – that’s one of the finest examples of a private building from the Roman period in all northern Italy.

Top Tip from SLH

Experience the ultimate in relaxation with a day at the exclusive Sirmione spas. Or soak in the warm waters of the magnificent Garda Thermal Park.