Introducing Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta has been a favourite with sculptors through the ages, thanks to its local stone and marble. But today discerning travellers fall in love with this small town, too. The old town is filled with beautiful Gothic buildings, and Pietrasanta is still an important venue for the arts. Admire the works on display as you stroll out from your luxury hotel.  

Things to do

Michelangelo loved the area around Pietrasanta for its marble, and you can see just how impressive this material really is by visiting Pietrasanta Cathedral. The façade is covered with white carvings that seem to glow at night. 

The locals say the Pietrasanta Marina is one of the best beaches in Italy. And there’s plenty of competition, so that’s quite a claim. Relax on the  golden sands that stretch for 5km and more, or head for the charming bars and cafés that line the coast.

Pietrasanta is in the province of Lucca, a beautifully compact and wonderfully preserved city. The original Renaissance walls are still standing, and visitors promenade around the town under the trees that now line the ancient walls.

Top Tip from SLH

Travel along the coastline from Pietrasanta and you may well come across the WWF symbol. This symbol denotes protected natural areas, set aside for preserving the region’s biodiversity.