1 HOTEL IN Treviso


Introducing Treviso

Away from the tourist crowds of Venice sits Treviso – a tranquil and authentic city, this is the real Italy. Walk along picturesque canals admiring the pastel-coloured buildings, before stopping for locally-made Prosecco in Piazza San Vito. Home to original frescoes and bustling markets, Treviso is a beautiful gateway to Veneto life.


Things to do

Treviso is steeped in history. Marvel at the striking neoclassical Duomo, with its Romanesque interior and ancient crypt. Then hire a bicycle and follow the impressive medieval city walls – making sure you pause to admire the gatehouses along the way. When it’s time to stop for lunch, Piazza dei Signori sets an impressive scene, surrounded by ornate façades and elegant arched loggia.

Galleries in Treviso are a fascinating blend of past and present. Impressive collections are held in beautifully restored places of worship scattered across the city. Step inside the Santa Caterina church – a monastery turned art gallery. Or admire the religious paintings in the Malchiostro Chapel. Treviso is also where you’ll find the Luigi Bailo Civic Museum, an ancient convent which also holds an impressive selection of fine art. 

Take a wine tour of the vineyards surrounding Treviso and sample Prosecco in its birthplace. For dinner, look for trattorias serving hearty pasta dishes and risotto, often paired with  radicchio rosso di Treviso – a local speciality with a subtle bitter flavour. Then top it all off with sweet treats such as fugassa and sfogliatine.  And remember, this is the home of tiramisu – so be sure to enjoy a pick me up. 


Top Tip from SLH

Pay a visit to Treviso’s famous fish market at Isola della Pescheria. Surrounded by elegant architecture and sculptures, this is a truly unique experience.