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Introducing Fjord Norway

In Fjord Norway, it’s not so much where you go, it’s how you travel there. Take the unforgettable Flåm Railway on a valley adventure. Test your legs on a Trolltunga hike and tackle the Sky Ladder. Or follow the storybook-sounding Troll’s Road through Norway’s most majestic landscapes. Along the way, you can see glaciers, waterfalls and postcard-worthy towns. All that’s needed at the end of the day is a boutique hotel that’s as cosy as it is luxurious.

Things to do

Adventure seekers will be spoilt for choice in Fjord Norway. This is protected UNESCO World Heritage territory that gives you the unmissable chance to see fjords up close. Kayaking will see you weaving along rivers and past tiny islets. Those with a head for heights can hike the Troll’s Tongue or Pulpit’s Rock – or join an exhilarating glacier trail expedition. Then there’s fishing and skiing, for open water or cross-country thrills.

This may be Mother Nature’s masterpiece, but Fjord Norway is a jigsaw puzzle of a map, with cosmopolitan cities immersed in sensational scenery. Bergen is a perfect example. One day you can be soaking up its charismatic mix of historic charm and modern Scandi style. The next, you can discover the seven mountains that circle it. Or point your compass north and escape to Ålesund. It’s the gateway to the Geirangerfjord, but with an attractive Art Nouveau heritage, you may want to linger here.

Trace the western edge of Norway to be in Viking country. The Stavanger Viking Swords Monument is a striking heritage site, where three colossal stone swords have been plunged into the earth. To find our more, delve into the Norse sagas that bring to life the centuries-old stories that swirl around this region. On a smaller scale, but no less intriguing, the little towns and villages dotted across Fjord Norway paint a picture of life here – then and now.

Top Tip from SLH

Be prepared for a sharp intake of breath when you reach the so-called Road to Nowhere. This dizzying optical illusion on the Atlantic Ocean Road has to be seen to be believed.