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Sea air, fjords and fishermen’s tales – island life in Norway

Flakstadøya is a place of contrasts. Placid waters reflect jagged mountains. Crisp white winters give way to endless summer days. Bracing air meets warm hospitality. Explorers to these northern shores are rewarded with epic scenery, energising experiences, and a rich culture unique to the Lofoten Archipelago. 

Things to Do

As the seasons change, so do the sights that await Flakstadøya’s visitors. Spring and summer see the island’s mountains and valleys cloaked in green, while the midnight sun welcomes a wealth of birdlife, from kittiwakes and puffins to majestic white-tailed eagles. Winter heralds an equally unmissable show. Elk, fox and hare traverse snowy forests, while incredible aurora dance across the night sky.  

To get a true sense of life in Flakstadøya, head to the water. Whether  kayaking amid towering fjords, catching a wave at surf school or setting out with the local fishermen, the sea beckons. Stunning Arctic beaches offer wind-swept white sands and turquoise waters, while boat trips, fishing charters and thrilling RIB rides are available year-round. 

The majestic landscapes of Flakstadøya feel rich with ancient tales and traditions. But here, the old ways live on. Explore Viking settlements and centuries-old churches. Tread the harbour boards of tiny fishing villages and stay in a traditional ‘Rorbu’. Then discover the island’s creative side. A stop at Glashytta Kafé means a front-row seat for a mesmerising glass-blowing demonstration, and the Salteriet Gallery in Nusfjord – once a salting house – is now home to contemporary paintings, prints and sculptures. 

Top Tip from SLH

For a thrilling day out, embark on a fishing adventure. Local guides will steer you to the best spots, then prepare the catch for dinner.