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Ponte de Lima

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Introducing Ponte De Lima

One of Portugal’s oldest towns, Ponte de Lima was officially founded in 1125, but dates back to a Roman settlement on the site. Named after the medieval bridge built across the River Lima, the town is famed for its huge market and beautiful 15th-century manor houses. In Ponte de Lima you’ll find traditional country retreats, perfect if you’re looking to escape to the country and discover the real Portugal.

Things to do

This small town retains its ancient charm, making it one of Portugal’s most exclusive retreats. Legend has it when the Romans first arrived they were convinced it was the mythical Lethe – a river so beautiful it would wipe the memories of those who crossed it. They stayed and eventually constructed a bridge, which was replaced in the 14th century and still stands today.

The Vaca das Cordas (Cow of the Ropes) festival takes place in early June each year, preserving a pre-Christian tradition brought by the Phoenicians. Watch as the citizens of Ponte de Lima set a bull loose in the streets, followed by a procession where flowers are scattered throughout the town. Visit in mid-September for Feiras Novas – a huge festival that draws visitors from all over Portugal.

Ponte de Lima is well known for its many markets. As well as the municipal market supplying residents with fresh produce each Monday, there’s also a fortnightly tented affair on the river banks. Why not wander the boutique arts & crafts and antiques markets lining the path to the medieval bridge.

Top Tip from SLH

Don’t miss Ponte de Lima’s many small chapels. Found throughout the town they were traditionally built by wealthy families as displays of wealth.