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Introducing Belgrade

At the fork of the Danube and Sava rivers, Belgrade is a multifaceted city, teeming with rich history, contemporary art and intoxicating culture. And its mix of buildings and landmarks scattered across the cityscape reflects its tumultuous heritage. See beyond Belgrade’s boisterous, diverse façade, and discover its hidden wonders.

Things to do


A timeline of mismatched architecture lines the streets – among them, boutique hotels are housed in prominent political buildings. Belgrade wears its chaotic past on its sleeve. Take a trip to Tito’s Tomb, a floral shrine to Yugoslavia’s communist leader. Or take in the views from an impressive second-century fortress.


There’s nowhere better to get a taste of local living than at a market. Kalenić is a dizzying maze of stalls piled high with local produce. Head to the Supermarket Concept Store for socialist-era décor, craft beers and vintage fashion. Or for a truly unique shopping experience, the neighbourhood of Zemun holds a legendary flea market every Sunday, where you’ll find everything from taxidermy treasures to glitzy chandeliers.


With a rich cultural past and thriving present, there’s no wonder Belgrave’s art scene has become one of the city’s greatest features. Walk the streets lined with Art Nouveau architecture. Or step inside one of its buzzing galleries, and discover Serbian contemporary art or avant-garde exhibitions. 

Top Tip from SLH

There are many layers to Belgrade’s past – some of them literal: buried beneath the Old Town, an ancient city rests, built in the 3rd century BC.