Wild, beautiful and tucked between Alpine mountains, the Jezersko valley is alive with hidden discoveries. From glacial lakes to remnants of ancient coral reef, this is a region characterised by unique geology, natural diversity and dramatic landscapes. Think bright blue skies, spruce-fringed lakes and crystal-clear streams trickling through unspoiled forest. And whatever you do, don’t forget your camera.


Things to do

Whether you’re filling up on štruklji dumplings, hiking the trails or daydreaming of hidden treasure behind Čedca Falls, you won’t be short of inspiration for expeditions and activities. Combine your stay with high-energy exploits like mountain climbing and calm strolls around the lake to visit the old church of St. Oswald. Fly-fish for trout in the crustacean-rich water of Lake Planšar, and in the winter months, brave adventurers can scale the frozen waterfalls of Sinji slap or Teranova smer.

Winter in Jezersko is made for snowsports, whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just getting your snow-feet. Try your hand at cross-country skiing – a long tradition in Jezersko. Zgornje’s gently sloped terrain makes it excellent for beginners, while ski mountaineering provides unforgettable experiences for people chasing a slice of local life. Sledging is a popular pastime, as well as ice skating – either at the lakeside rink, or (when cold enough) on the frozen Lake Planšar. The accompanying mountain views are well worth the extra layers!

The cool, clear Alpine waters of Jezersko come largely from glacial springs – including the mineral-rich Jezerska slatina. Its high magnesium content is said to be beneficial for cardiovascular health, and it’s used medicinally in the nearby towns. Waterfalls also form a significant part of the landscape, including the beautiful (and accessible) Ankova slapova. Legend has it that a valuable treasure is hidden behind Slovenia’s highest waterfall, Slapa Čedca. However, in recent years the waterfall has disappeared from view, guarding its secrets behind a rock wall. While the area is too dangerous to hike, you can still glimpse the location from the nearby Mali vrh peak.

Top Tip from SLH

Now a symbol of Jezersko, the heart-shaped Lake Plansar is surrounded by spruce forests, hiking paths and stunning views of the Kamnik-Savinka Alps.