Buenavista del Norte


Introducing Buenavista Del Norte, Tenerife 

A world away from the tourist traps of Tenerife lie the lush slopes and volcanic coastline of Buenavista Del Norte. A true paradise for adventurous souls in search of authentic culture and awe-inspiring scenery, this region offers complete immersion into an unspoilt landscape and perfectly preserved history. Whether your idea of heaven is a secluded beach with crashing waves, or conquering a challenging summit climb, Buenavista Del Norte has it all.

Things to do

The wild coastline of Buenavista Del Norte is a paradise for swimmers and snorkelers, offering endless variety. Explore secret sandy coves and rugged inlets, or dive into the famous lava pools at Garachico, a range of sparkling sea pools naturally formed in the volcanic cliffs. For the best surf, grab a board and head to the black sands of El Socorro Beach. For calmer waters, seek the shelter of San Marcos Beach, where you’ll find loungers for hire and a range of sea-view restaurants.

From the immaculately preserved colonial architecture of La Laguna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the 16th century water mills of La Orotava, there’s a wealth of cultural history to discover. Trek into the hills of Teno Rural Park to visit the traditional hamlet of Teno Alto, and be rewarded with a host of authentic gastronomy, from delicious cheeses and goat’s meat to complex local wines. Don’t miss the iconic Punta de Buenavista, a modern, working lighthouse, with a unique corkscrew design. 

Buenavista Del Norte is a paradise for active thrill seekers. The area is strewn with cycle routes known for their breath-taking views (and ascents). If you favour four legs over two wheels, there are many stunning riding opportunities, allowing visitors to experience the island’s beautiful flora and fauna on horseback. The jewel in the crown when it comes to sporting activities is the renowned Buenavista Golf course, offering a round you’ll never forget – and where your ball is as likely to end up in the ocean as it is a bunker.

Top Tip from SLH

For a truly celestial experience, take advantage of the lack of light pollution and wide Atlantic vistas to join one of the world-class local stargazing tours.