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3 HOTELS IN Stockholm


Introducing Stockholm

Stockholm’s beauty is reflected in the Baltic Sea. Gamla Stan is the enchanting Old Town, with narrow cobblestone streets as well as the Royal Palace. But you’ll find plenty of modernity too, including vibrant nightlife. There’s nothing quite like returning to boutique hotels, Stockholm Scandi style inspiration guaranteed.

Things to do

Get to truly know Stockholm and its islands. You can rent a private kayak or canoe and paddle your way around. It’s the perfect way to explore this water-based city.

Stockholm is home to more than 70 museums, with everything from a museum on the Nobel prize to one dedicated to natural history. There’s a thriving creative scene here too, and you’ll be able to find lots of contemporary art.

Scandinavian cuisine is creating quite a stir in the cookery world, and Stockholm’s Old Town is the perfect place to sample some fascinating flavours. And you don’t need to blow the budget. 

Top Tip from SLH

There are cycle lanes throughout Stockholm, often next to the pavement. Take care not to walk in them, as cyclists won’t want to slow down or stop for you.