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1 HOTEL IN Uchisar


Introducing Uchisar

Uçhisar is best known for its unique rock citadel towering above the surrounding villages. Visitors can explore the secret chambers carved into the rock, then climb to the top to look out on rural Turkey. And for the ultimate bird’s eye view, take a hot air balloon flight.  We’ve hand-picked some of the best hotels in Cappadocia, guaranteed to make your visit to Turkey an unforgettable one.

Things to do

Uchisar is a quiet, rural location but there are plenty of cafés and bars, some of which are built into the rocks. Nearby Goreme offers a wider choice, with traditional Turkish food.

Throughout the area there are many underground passages and halls hewn into the rock, which locals built to protect themselves from invaders. You’ll find the most famous underground city at Derinkuyu, and it’s also worth signing up to a traditional Turkish night to witness whirling dervishes.

Around Uchisar the land is rugged, with plenty of caves and rock structures to explore. There are lots of trails for walkers and options to book private walking tours too. 

Top Tip from SLH

Ascending Uchisar castle is well worth the small admission price. Climbing is not too strenuous, and the best time to come is in the evening when the surrounding rocks are lit up by the setting sun.