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Staff Rate


The Staff Rate Programme is available across all SLH hotels around the world. The rate is for all employees of Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ affiliate hotels and the management company, to help our teams experience the wonderful hotels within the SLH brand.

The rate is 50% off the Best Available Rate and is subject to availability.


Download the SLH Staff Rate Programme Authorisation Form.

You will need your mySLH login details.

Browse hotels using the link above to check availability and confirm your booking.

Complete the Authorisation Form with your Confirmation number and booking details and ask your General Manager or HR Manager to sign it.

You will only see the 50% saving applied in the rooms and rates section of the booking engine (

IMPORTANT: Without the Authorisation form your booking will not be valid.

You will be advised during the booking process if the Staff Rate is available at your chosen hotel for your chosen dates. If a hotel is available but the Staff Rate is not, we will show you other available rates.

If you leave the website today without booking, simply come back to this page next time you visit to pick up the Staff Rate again.


All SLH Staff Rate bookings are to be made through SLH's web-based booking service only accessible via

Small Luxury Hotels of the World Staff Rate Programme is subject to availability and other conditions may be applied by the hotel.

All Small Luxury Hotels of the World Staff Rates are subject to applicable taxes and regular service charges and are also subject to the hotel’s cancellation policies.

The Authorisation Form must be signed by your hotel's Human Resources manager or your General Manager.

The form confirms your eligibility to participate in the SLH Staff Rate Programme.

The Small Luxury Hotels of the World Staff Rate Authorisation Form must be presented at check-in by the staff member whose name appears on the reservation.

Failure to do so may result in the Best Available rate being applied instead.

Staff member must be able to produce some form of additional identification upon check-in.

Staff member must be employed by the hotel as above or Small Luxury Hotels of the World Management at the time of the stay.

The Authorisation form can only be used for a single booking. You will need to complete a new form for each stay.

Destination hotel must be affiliated with Small Luxury Hotels of the World at time of check-in for Authorisation form to be valid.

Staff member is responsible for payment of all charges and applicable taxes upon check-out.

Inappropriate use of this Authorisation form or this programme may result in you becoming ineligible for future participation in the programme and other disciplinary action.

Once a staff member receives a confirmation number for a reservation at the Staff Rate, the hotel may not withdraw that rate.

A maximum of one room may be booked per hotel visit for use by the staff member. Staff members may stay no more than seven nights per hotel per year.

The Small Luxury Hotels of the World Staff Rate is applicable only to non-business related travel.

INVITED benefits cannot be used in conjunction with this programme and the stay will not count towards your INVITED stay history.

If you have any questions please contact your Human Resources manager or your General Manager or your Revenue Account Manager at Small Luxury Hotels of the World.