Take an adventure to the spectacular island

The Dominican Republic is made for the explorer. Walk down the cobbled streets and you could find yourself in a little fishing village or ancient monastery. Or spot humpback whales from the dramatic rock faces and spectacular beaches that surround the island. And before you venture back to your boutique hotel for some fine dining, why not take a closer look at the paintings on the walls of the Fun Fun Cave.

Practical Information

Capital city
Santo Domingo

Peso in (RD$20, RD$50, RD$100, RD$200, RD$500, RD$1000 and RD$2000 notes)

Dishes tend to include rice and beans with influences from Spain, Africa and Tanio. 

Tipping etiquette
A 10-20% tip is often very appreciated.

Saying hello
“Buenos días” in the morning, “buenas noches” at night.

When To Go

Many escape to this beautiful beach resort from December to February to enjoy the glorious weather, carnivals and the array of water sports on offer. The tropical climate means the weather is warm for most of the year, but it also brings some rain (during May to October) – the perfect conditions for the Indigenous Eyes Eco Park to flourish. 

Top Tip from SLH

Whale watching expeditions have been in action since 1985. February is a great time to see these gentle ocean giants.