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Petit St Vincent Island

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Introducing Petit St Vincent

Imagine what would happen if someone discovered an island and decided to turn it into an exclusive tropical hideaway, with all the amenities and features you could wish for. That’s Petit St Vincent, a tiny gem of a beach resort in the beautiful Grenadine Islands. Its rolling hills are carpeted in green, the spa is in the treetops and winding trails run through the forest. 

Things to do

As its name suggests, Petit St Vincent is small and, you’ll soon realise, perfectly formed. You’ll find pristine white beaches on just about every side of this tiny gem of an island. And because it is an exclusive resort, there will be very few other sunbathers to bother you.

If the sun ever gets a little too hot, and you tire of the palm tree shades, simply wade into the cooling waters of the Caribbean. There are snorkels and kayaks available, all free of charge, for you to pick up at the main boathouse.

Petit St Vincent is all about escaping from it all, with no distractions like televisions or mobile phones to bother you. But you can get out to see the big bad world if you wish. Hire a private boat to go deep-sea fishing, visit Canouan Island for a round of golf or arrange a scuba session.    

Top Tip from SLH

For a true ‘Robinson Crusoe’ escape, pack a luxury picnic and head to the nearby deserted islet of Mopion.