Introducing Grace Bay

Blessed with 12 miles of snow-white sand, royal blue sea and coral reef, it’s easy to see why Grace Bay has been crowned the most beautiful beach in the world. In the past, it lured travellers with tales of buried treasure. Nowadays, the sapphire seas and glittering views are enough to attract and enchant even the most worldly adventurer.

Things to do

Luxury beach resorts hug the Grace Bay shore, but there’s more than enough space if you want to escape to a private patch of paradise. The sand is soft and bright white. The ocean turns from turquoise to deep blue. While tropical trees strung with hammocks complete the picture.

Diving to deep-sea fishing, paddleboarding to simply paddling in the surf – Grace Bay is your gateway to all sorts of watery adventures. Bight Reef is a popular snorkelling stretch. Set your sights on rays, barracuda and even sea turtles.

Grace Bay is an ideal starting point for Providenciales treasure-seekers. Point your compass south to Sapodilla Bay Hill and discover stone-carved graffiti from shipwrecks. From here you can also explore Chalk Sound National Park and its bright blue lagoons. Head west to Cheshire Hall Plantation to see its evocative ruins. Or stay to the Grace Bay side of the island and admire the untamed beauty of Northwest Point.

Top Tip from SLH

Curving around 1000 palm trees and seven lakes, Provo Golf Club is an idyllic place for a round or two near Grace Bay. You may even spy flamingos as you tee off.