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Introducing Guatemala

Guatemala is Central America in a nutshell with crumbling historic cities, colourful local markets, active volcanoes and dense rainforest. You could happily while your days away in Antigua with its colonial architecture and laid-back atmosphere. Or venture out on a day trip to experience Guatemala at its wildest and most wonderful, before returning to the luxury of your hotel. 

Key Information

Bright, bold and fume-belching, the Chicken Bus is a Guatemalan icon – just be careful when crossing the street!

Practical Information

Capital city
Guatemala City

Quetzal (in Q1, Q5, Q10, Q20, Q50 and Q100 notes)

Typically you’ll find lots of grilled or fried meat dishes and tortillas – all filling and flavoursome

Tipping etiquette
10% is the norm

Saying hello
“Hola”, or use the informal “que pasa?” which means “how are you?”

When To Go

Guatemala has one of the most pleasant climates in the Americas with warm days and mild evenings for much of the year. The rainy season is mainly limited to September and October with the rain mainly falling in brief mid-afternoon downpours – the rest of the day is usually calm and warm. If you’re visiting around Easter, don’t miss the Semana Santa celebrations when many cities hold epic catholic processions.