Off the mainland of Nicaragua lies a little-known emerald island with a lot going on

Unspoilt, understated and almost unknown, Little Corn Island is the stuff that Caribbean dreams are made of. Cars are banned, so you’ll have to get back to nature. But with its jungle core, serene sugary-sand beaches at the edges and eco-luxury retreats hidden amongst it, staying here is no hardship. 

Things to Do

Reef sharks, rays and dolphins could accompany you on a snorkelling expedition. Little Corn is part of a small island chain, so why not take a boat trip around the different reefs. Blowing Rock is one of the best-loved sites if you prefer diving. Or on the surface, paddleboarding and kayaking are popular ways to skirt the shores.

The names of Little Corn’s beaches don’t give much away. But each is a secret patch of serenity just waiting to be discovered. On the northern shores, escape to Otto or Goat Beach. The latter has a jungle backdrop, for a truly tropical experience.

Not just a pretty face, Little Corn Island is both beautiful and bountiful. If there ever was an ‘industry’ on this laid-back isle, lobster fishing would be it. So look out for plenty of fresh seafood on menus. As you’d expect from a place peppered with palms, coconut is also a key flavour. Swig cool coconut milk, snack on warm coconut bread and try it in fragrant stews.

Top Tip from SLH

Whether you’re a keen angler or first-timer, Little Corn Island gives you a great excuse to join a local boat. From fly to deep-sea, ask your hotel about fishing trips.