Introducing Arizona

When you think of the wild west, you’re likely imagining Arizona. Vast skies with endless roads rolling out beneath them. Swoon-worthy scenes of deep red rocks rising from the earth. But it’s not all old-world wilderness – make a luxury hotel your oasis in this desert state, and explore everything from the epic canyons to buzzing cities.

Things to do

From its vast landscapes to tiny desert towns, everywhere in Arizona has a story to tell. Head for Monument Valley, where ancestral Puebloan communities lived over 700 years ago, in houses carved into the rocks. Venture south towards the Mexican border to Tombstone, where in the 1800s, the dusty roads were the setting for silver mining and cowboy shootouts. Today, you can uncover its past in fascinating museums.

From pine-and-snow-covered peaks to the mile-deep drop of the iconic Grand Canyon. In Arizona, nature puts on a spectacular show. Soak up some of the world’s most striking natural wonders scattered across this state – from the otherworldly Monument Valley to the hiking trails of the Chiricahua National Monument.

The mountains, countryside and big cities of Arizona make this state a sporting hotspot. In winter, skiers make for the snow-cloaked slopes around Flagstaff to the north. While in spring, one of the best ways to see the desert in bloom is with a horse-trek around the traditional southern ranches. To really get immersed in US sporting culture, catch a game of professional baseball, hockey, American football or basketball. Phoenix is one of only a dozen US cities to have a team for each of the major sports.

Top Tip from SLH

The summer storms of Arizona make for excellent grape-growing conditions. Look out for locally produced wines from Verde Valley or southern Tucson.