A welcoming island that is never forgotten

Traditional massage on the beach. Treks through craggy mountains. Visits to ancient temples. Bali is a big-hearted island. The locals go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome, with everything from mouth-watering cuisine to unadulterated spa resort luxury on offer. However you spend your time, the surf, lush vegetation and captivating architecture act as the perfect background to a never-to-be-forgotten stay. Our collection of boutique hotels in Bali is the perfect start to your island break.

Things to do

If you like to surf, you’re in good company. Bali’s locals adore the sport, and you’ll see people travelling from beach to beach as they chase the elusive ‘perfect wave’. Or why not dive a little deeper, literally, and see the teeming wildlife amongst the clear waters.

Bali has its own distinctive form of Hinduism, and you’ll find temples everywhere you travel across the island. Some seem to be features of nature, as well as faith, such as Pura Goa Lawah that’s built into a cave in a cliff face.

With glorious beaches and friendly, welcoming people, it’s easy to relax here. Yet if you want to soothe the soul even more, Bali is the home of yoga – you’ll find lots of local centres to really stretch yourself. And relax. 

Top Tip from SLH

When you’re visiting Bali’s ancient spiritual sites, note that they are oriented in a unique way. The side towards the mountain is the holiest part of any temple.